Ark- Sulam Ya’akov

Synagogues Ark- Sulam Ya’akov INTRODUCTION In October of 2001 a beloved Nonagenarian member of the Lincoln Square Synagogue community- Mrs. Martha Cohen- approached Edward Jacobs with a singular request.  She wanted Jacobs to design a special Ark and Eternal light for the sanctuary that would be an inspiring gift to the congregation she so loved, […]

Young Israel of Avenue J

Synagogues Young Israel of Avenue J INTRODUCTION In 1997 Young Israel of Avenue J asked Edward Jacobs remodel the existing interior of their synagogue as well as do any necessary architectural and interior building configuration changes necessary to maximize and energize the space. “And G-d went before them as a pillar of cloud by day […]

Young Israel of Hollywood, FLA.

Doner Recognition Young Israel of Hollywood, FLA. INTRODUCTION In 1995, Edward Jacobs was asked to design donor recognition areas as sculptural additions to the lobby of the existing facility. The premise was to create something other than the standard plaque wall, in order to recognize gifts given as well as to stimulate further contributions.  Additionally […]

Beit Chaverim

Synagogues Beit Chaverim INTRODUCTION In 2009 the board of Beit Chaverim Synagogue asked Edward Jacobs to assist them with both design and strategy in the building of a new Synagogue complex in Westport CN.  Currently the project is in the last stages of review in the local Planning and Zoning committee.  The community is hopeful […]

Joseph Kushner Hebrew Academy Rae Kushner Yeshiva High School

SYNAGOGUEs JOSEPH KUSHNER HEBREW ACADEMY RAE KUSHNER YESHIVA HIGH SCHOOL INTRODUCTION In 1999, Charlie Kushner approached Edward Jacobs with a special request. He had just transformed an industrial center into a thriving Jewish Day School. Part of the facility was dedicated as a synagogue for the lower/elementary school, and Mr. Kushner wanted to create a […]

Bar Ilan Midrasha

Synagogues Bar Ilan Midrasha INTRODUCTION In May of 2019 Eddie Jacobs was invited by Ronnie Stern (President of the American Friends of Bar-Ilan) and Michael Jesselson (Honorary President of the American Friends of Bar-Ilan) to create a Torah Ark (Aron Kodesh) and a glass window mural spanning the entire side of the Woman’s Beit HaMidrash […]

The North Shore Hebrew Academy High School

Synagogues THE NORTH SHORE HEBREW ACADEMY HIGH SCHOOL INTRODUCTION From The Mission Statement of NSHAHS: “The North Shore Hebrew Academy High School is a yeshiva, in the tradition of that distinguished institution which has kept our people alive through the millennia. As a yeshiva, we have the responsibility of keeping the flame of Torah and […]

Beit Knesset Lev Efrat

Synagogues BEIT KNESSET LEV EFRAT INTRODUCTION Built in 1995 the Synagogue in Lev Efrat quickly became too small for the growing community. In 2011 the community requested that Edward Jacobs oversee an expansion of the facility and the design of new interior Judaica elements. The cleverly configured expansion added over 30% more interior space to […]

The Hampton Synagogue

Synagogues The Hampton Synagogue INTRODUCTION The Hampton Synagogue represents a radical departure in synagogue and sanctuary design. The entire project was conceived as an abstract retelling of the story of the giving of the Torah on Mount Sinai. The entire eastern wall of the sanctuary is a sculptural mural, representing the theme of Sinaitic revelation. […]