Doner Recognition

Young Israel of Hollywood, FLA.


In 1995, Edward Jacobs was asked to design donor recognition areas as sculptural additions to the lobby of the existing facility. The premise was to create something other than the standard plaque wall, in order to recognize gifts given as well as to stimulate further contributions.  Additionally he was commissioned to create an “Etz Chayim” of similar design, to encourage another donation stream for the Synagogue.

The bases are sculpted from white Jerusalem stone. The size and textures of the stones invites physical contact, creating a stronger and subtler bond than simply looking at the works.  The weight and rootedness of the bases are offset by the lucite plaques as the more modern continuation of the composition.

The “Builders” donation wall has as its base ancient stones, with the newly dedicated plaques completing the “building”.

The “Tree of Life” follows a similar motif, with the ‘leaves’ extending in all directions, and available for continued expansion.


3291 Stirling Road  Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312



Donation and Tree of Life Design

Edward Jacobs