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Edward Jacobs

For the last 20 years, Edward Jacobs has operated a multi-disciplinary concept and exhibition design firm, Edward Jacobs Design (formerly known as Mishkenot Ltd), producing renowned projects worldwide.

Under the creative direction of Edward Jacobs, his company provides innovative and creative solutions for a variety of projects and meaningful endeavors.

Jacobs’ goal is to be involved in meaningful, impactful and inspiring projects as both creator and consultant.

Jacobs’ many projects span diverse fields of interest and activity, ranging from public space projects, spiritual environments, education centers, memorial sites, exhibition concept design and fabrication, industrial and product design, and graphic design. He is a recognized expert in the field of communication architecture, creating presentation solutions for a myriad of clients.

Jacobs’ specialty is providing a complete articulation of project vision, definition, scope and inspiring design for the institutional client. As creative director, he then devises stimulating and exhilarating presentations which convey the essence of the project and engender excitement and participation. Invariably, these presentations form the backbone of the fundraising efforts of which Jacobs is a fundamental component. He then works with the stakeholders and hired professionals to define the fundraising methodologies and to create the necessary plans and products to insure a successful fundraising plan.

Jacobs has conducted projects and organizational analyses on a consultancy basis for several institutions and design-oriented businesses, resulting in successful client outcomes. As a creative consultant, Jacobs has demonstrable skills and a track record of finding creative solutions to intricate and complex problems.

Jacobs is also a Senior Associate at The Berenbaum Group, where he has worked with Dr. Michael Berenbaum on a variety of experiential projects for the past eight years. Jacobs’ background in Holocaust projects was formulated during the 14-year period when he was special assistant to Director of Pedagogy at Yad Vashem, Shulamit Imber.

The creative qualifications he brings to a project include:

  • Proven experience in concept definition, articulation and planning of inceptive abstracts and fledgling ideas - the translation of vision into action
  • Ability to convey these visions to both board and community members for necessary approvals and advancement
  • Ability to manage, motivate and inspire creative teams to deliver superb work under tight deadlines
  • Ability to realize client brief within predefined time and budgetary parameters

The business qualifications he brings to a project include:

  • Strong interpersonal communication, presentational, organizational and motivational skills
  • Superb concept definition and planning skills, as well as composition and writing abilities
  • Extensive experience planning and managing large-scale projects
  • Comfortable in multi-project and team environment situations, as well as independent single-project situations
  • Powerful public speaking ability, and demonstrated effectiveness in presenting to any size group
  • Strong sales and marketing abilities

Creative Consultation

As creative director of Edward Jacobs Designs, Edward Jacobs has provided innovative and creative solutions for a variety of projects and challenges. This includes actual product conception, development management and ultimate fabrication supervision. He has held positions as varied as:

Director of Creative Development for, a web-based retail company. Functional tasks included:

  • Initial analysis of current market condition as well as competition evaluation
  • Drafting and finalizing of company statements, press releases and corporate mission statements
  • Database management and taxonomy creation for new product development
  • Retail product creation and production management

Founder and Director of Business Development for Israeli agricultural start-up Icaros-Demeter (2008-2009); functional tasks included:

  • Active participation in executive management team process to develop and articulate vision and mission statements and ensure implementation
  • Close contact with sales team and assistance in designing and implementing the sales and marketing strategy
  • Creation and demonstration of company presentations and positioning documents to prospective clients, strategic partners and investors
  • Opening of new markets and identifying potential strategic partners (Italy, America)
  • Investor maintenance and relations
  • Intelligence gathering on customers and competitors, pursuing leads for feasible sales, follow-up, proposal composition and product model designs

Capital Fundraising (2007-2009)

  • Responsible for securing $25M+ venture capital funding for Israeli homeland firms Athlone Global Security, Emza, Icaros, Novatrans.